What is ethnography?

The question is who cares? No, that’s unfair. We care. But what do these people (ethnographers) do, what makes them so special, they’ve even got a name that makes people think they’re ethical. Which isn’t right. Our friends over at Blogging Innovation ask ‘who is an ethnographer’ and the answer is simple. Everyone.

Everyone observes people, everyone watches people. People notice people. This never stops.

Watchmethink want to make this observation easier – we want people to be observed who want to be observed.

But enough of all this ‘art of ethnography’ business. Time to bring some reality back to research, and to do that you can’t be singing about ethnography being an art. Over engineering things is not what we do. We want to make observation accessible, we want to make the observers make up their own mind. Why should we assume we know better when we don’t. That’s being honest

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